Up-to-date technical skills, reliable partners and constant training are the foundations that allow us to offer you professionalism, promptness and innovative responses in satisfying your needs, expectations and interests.

We know perfectly what the needs of those who turn to us are and, with the experience gained over the years, we constantly improve our professionalism and technologies, in a problem solving logic capable of offering you answers that are always up to your requests.

Know how

Tecnoil specializes in the development of hydraulic systems and power units.

We are one of the national leading companies in designing and manufacturing hydraulic valves. We follow the implementation from planning to testing up to the implementation of the system, guaranteeing the customer a ready-to-use product.
Since its foundation in September 1985, Tecnoil has constantly specialized its production over the years, developing specific skills in the most demanding and complex fields.

The activity is mainly aimed at the mechanical, iron and steel, oil and gas industries, the paper industry, metal and non-ferrous cold working plants and construction machinery, where the key role of the plant it is based on hydraulic energy.

Specialized technicians and licensed welding operators are constantly trained to allow the construction of increasingly demanding and complex hydraulic power plants.